Egg-citing Chickens

After almost 8 months of waiting, our chickens have FINALLY started laying!!  Woohoo!  Free eggs!!  Kind of.  I love what one person wrote on a chicken page we are on.  They said the first egg is the most expensive - cost of the coop and food.  The rest are free!

We are so excited.  The downside... they were frozen.  As in, completely solid!  Haha.  From what we have read online they are still perfectly edible but maybe not good fried.  We have not tried them yet.  I'll probably save these first ones to bake with.  One was cracked so we pitched it.  It's hard to tell how long they were down there because it had been a few days since we checked on them.  But from here on out there will be a daily chicken chore of checking for eggs and making sure the water is full (and not frozen even though we have a warmer).  They go through water so fast now!  We have two warmers on all the time in their coop.  The night before we discovered the eggs it got down to -3 outside!  Poor chickens!  They like to cuddle and they are pretty resilient.

Here's a few pics of our girls.  They are not sure what to think of the snow.  They peck at it and eat some here and there.  For the most part they stay in the coop.  We try to leave it open during the day to let them roam and then close everything up at night.  This last snow storm though we left them in there for days and just made sure they had food and water before the storm hit.  That's when we discovered their water froze.  So yesterday we picked up a heated water container for them to make sure it doesn't freeze.  Can't wait to start eating our farm fresh eggs!

 Gathering eggs in my pjs and snow boots.