Our First Real Christmas Tree

This is John and I's 13th Christmas together.  In all those years, we have never had a real Christmas tree.  I truthfully never had much of a desire to.  Then we moved to the mountains and have real Christmas trees in our very own back yard!  Now, we would likely not cut down a tree from our humble 2 acres, but we might decorate one outside someday! Tons of people travel up to our neck of the woods (literally!) each year for the chance to go tromping through the forest in search of the perfect tree.

A few weeks ago Matt and Jacquelyn applied for permits for both them and us.  We found out when they got home from Thanksgiving that they were approved.  There are two areas near us that you can go to cut down a tree.  They are in the National forest and permits are limited but only $10!

Last Friday Matt and Jacquelyn met us at our house and we followed each other just a little ways up the road just past Kenosha Pass.  Aaron was so excited to get out of school early.  We pulled him out on the way up just after lunch and recess.  Armed with hot chocolate, hot cider, and snow clothes, we made our way there.  It was fun driving around looking for a good place to get out.  Well, fun for the adults as we maneuvered through snow!  The kids were very anxious to get out!  The snow was surprisingly deep in some areas.  It had mostly melted at our house but another 1500ft elevation makes a difference.  The boys were excited to get out and explore but their excitement wore thin after a little bit of walking!  They had fun but they were also a little cranky.  Sort of like on Christmas Vacation, it was more fun for us adults!

Matt and Jacquelyn found their tree first.  We all watched while Matt cut it down and hauled it up on his shoulders all the way back to the car.  Then we found ours - actually we spotted it early on and came back to it.  By this time Aaron was DONE so we were not able to get that perfect family picture I wanted.  Haha!  Big surprise right?!

 (My favorite selfie)

Our tree pre-cutting.  At least Bubs was a good sport!

Back at the car Matt and John got the trees all situated and we all enjoyed a hot drink and amazing views.  I still can't believe we live here.  LIVE here!  I'm constantly blown away by the beauty surrounding us.  I will never get tired of it.

Tiny Tot

I'm excited to make his an annual family tradition.  The kids will appreciate it more when they are older I'm sure!