Aaron's Cub Scout Rank Advancement

It has been a really fun year for Aaron and John both in Cub Scouts.  Aaron was a tiger cub and John was his Den leader.  And they both LOVED it!  For the end of the year there was special picnic and advancement ceremony followed by a fly in from Flight For Life to finish out their emergency preparedness award! The night was jam packed with lots of boys and their families as we celebrated the finish of a great year.  And this momma/wife could not have been more proud!

 Is he not the cutest little Tiger Cub ever??

 I was pretty excited to wear this mom scarf of Teresa's from when John was a cub scout.

 Country girl

 I'm a Wolf now!

The kids were SO excited to not only watch the helicopter land and take off but to also get to SIT in the helicopter!
 Ethan had a great time too.  This is his friend Marshall.  They will be Tigers together the year after next.
Even Chloe got to sit in the helicopter with Daddy.  

I'm so proud of Aaron for all of his hard work this year.  I look forward to next year too!  They do have boyscout camp this summer.  John will be taking both boys with him.  Even though Ethan is not a scout yet, the program is very sibling friendly.  I love that they include Ethan. 

It was the perfect evening for the event.  And though our family has seen "daddy's helicopter" many times, it never gets old!