Ethan's Preschool Graduation

This was a big week for us.  Lots of stuff going on.  But perhaps the most exciting thing was Ethan's Preschool Graduation!  Ok, before you roll your eyes, let me assure you I kind of think the preschool graduation thing is silly.  BUT it turned out to be really fun and I know that Ethan felt very special.  Which for the middle child, is very important.  To make it even better, Grandma and Grandad got to come as they are in town visiting baby Josephine.  (I'll post about her soon!)

Ethan has been with this preschool for 2 years now.  He attended 2 mornings last year and this year we put him in half day afternoons 4 days a week.  It worked well with our schedule as Chloe generally napped almost the whole time and momma got some time to herself!  Both years he had Mrs. Claudia and Mrs. Bea.  They are both wonderful teachers and I hope they are still around in two years when Chloe is ready to attend. (Oh my gosh can you believe that?)

Here is our handsome future graduate of the class of 2029, Ethan William Farnsworth.

I don't have a working scanner so this is a picture of a picture!!  Sorry for the poor quality.

When asked what his favorite part of preschool was he said without hesitation, art center.  Our little artist can't get enough.  We are so proud of you Ethan and so excited for you to go to Kindergarten next year!