Summer Family Bowling

So last month I found this deal online for a "kids bowl free all summer" deal at local bowling alley in Evergreen called the Wild Game.  We have never been there before but Aaron loves to bowl.  In fact so does Ethan.  And they both had bowling at near the top of their list for the summer bucket list.  There was no catch.  Kids could bowl free as long as you register them in the system.  But then there was a deal to add adults on for $30.  I thought, $30 bucks an adult is a great deal for unlimited bowling over the summer right?  It was $30 TOTAL for up 4 adults in the family!  What?!  Yes please.  I was still looking for the catch though.  Oh shoe rentals were not included.  They'll get us there.  Nope.  Shoe rentals are only $3 per person and they only charge for adults.  So a one time $30 fee up front.  And $6 for shoe rentals each visit if we go with all of us.  That's a crazy awesome deal!

But what if this place was one of those kind of dumpy bowling alleys?  Nope.  It was super nice. Clean, full service wait staff, yummy menu, classy even.  We had such a great time and look forward to going a lot this summer.  Even Chloe bowled.  It was great.  They even had her shoe size.  I love that we can do things as a family and include everyone.   Next time we might go for dinner too!