RoKC With The Boys

Winter break was winding down but there was one last thing we wanted to do with the boys before school started back up.  The climbing itch is real y'all! There is a great rock climbing gym in North Kansas City that is similar to Earth Treks in CO.  It's a sweet little gem we found over the summer but is quite a distance from our house so we don't get out there often.

It didn't take long for the boys to get their climbing legs back.  They finished every climb they started, making it all the way to the top on multiple routes.  One of their favorite parts though was boulder climbing with a top out.  No ropes are required for bouldering and they were rewarded at the top with the satisfaction of conquering the rock and then skipping down the exit staircase.

It took me a hot minute to remember how to tie the knots and use the gri gri.  Good thing John really trusts me! There were lots of auto belays though so we could all climb at the same time if we wanted.  The boys even held hands coming down together once.  It *might* have been so mom could snap a cute picture but I don't think they complained!

We last a few hours before all four of us were exhausted and left to get some grub.  We'll be back.  Maybe next time with Chloe. 

Here's a fun video recap!