Start Fresh

It's been almost 2 years since I've posted here.  The Summer of 2016 was the start of a journey that perhaps we will write about someday.  It was a trying season of life with ups and downs and little time to blog.  Our time in Colorado was filled with some of the happiest, fondest, exciting adventures yet woven with this little thing called life. A beautiful tapestry of the vibrant and mundane.  I'm thankful for Facebook as it is now serving in the gap of blog years.  We'll be creating a book of the missing years.  Perhaps I'll get around to filling in the gaps here... but lets be's best to just pick up from here and start fresh.

Start fresh.  That is my mantra this year.  Start fresh financially. Start fresh in mothering. Start fresh in businessing (yeah I made that up.)  Sometimes I feel like I just need a reset button and 2018 seems like a good year for it.  I'm not terribly sorry to say goodbye to 2017.  We went through a lot mentally with our move from CO to KS and totaling not one, not two, but THREE vehicles.  But 2018 is a new year.  A fresh year.  And it's time to revive this blog.  To revive us.  We have some pretty radical plans, desires, and adventures on the horizon that we will unfold as we go.  That feeling of excitement brewing under the surface keeps me going each day. 

As the kids get ready to head back to school tomorrow I sit here feeling thankful and even a little sad that they have to go back.  We have done lots of fun things over break and I think we are all feeling refreshed.  Here's a recap of our family fun.

We celebrated Christmas 4 times!!  

We went swimming and got ice cream... twice!

We went on Farris wheel rides

And went climbing

You can check out a cool video here.

We had cousin time

And currently Daddy and Aaron are building a robot.  Whew.  What a break.  Back to school tomorrow. More blog posts to come.  I promise.