Ethan Turns 7

Our sweet, sweet Ethan turned 7 years old today. What??!! How is this even possible?  And do all birthday posts start the same way? Um... yes.  We recently watched a video of Ethan's first year in one min.  That is about how the years feel the roll by.  Just look at this handsome kid!

We had a fun family/friend party and he chose Minecraft for the theme. Again. This is like the 3rd Minecraft party we've had for the boys.  I made homemade decorations and a cake and played silly games like pin the tail on the Minecraft pig.  So it wasn't Pinterest worthy. haha! But he still had a great time and I think everyone else did too.

Ethan, we love you so much and enjoy watching your personality bloom over the years.  You are still the most lovey person we know and you genuinely love people.  You often give away your things or share with others just because you enjoy doing it. Sometimes you don't always get along with your brother but most of the time you two are inseparable.  We love watching you look out for your little sister.  You have gotten really great at drawing pictures and especially telling stories.  You wrote out your very own comic book with pictures and story just like Captain Underpants! Your imagination is beautiful and we can tell you've got some creative genes. You are doing great at school and your teacher says you are great at math and are helpful.  You have many friends and that dimpled, toothless smile just melts us. You love playing outside and are very active from biking to climbing, to playing with the neighbor kids.  And speaking of climbing.  You're a natural.  Your dad and I can't wait for the adventures that wait for us this year and we look forward to having lots of family time with you. Here's to another great year Bubs.  Love, Mom and Dad