The Next Adventure

Once an Adventurer always an Adventurer!  The biggest take away from our time in Colorado was this: just go.  Go outside and explore.  Go after the desires God places in your heart.  Go experience things and leave all the excuses behind.  We absolutely cherish the five years we spent in Colorado and we still miss it everyday it seems. For a while the ache was so deep that we sincerely considered moving back.  We had to take a serious look at what it was about Colorado that made it so magical.  The list is quite long but at the very top is the sense of Adventure at our fingertips.

We don't regret leaving anymore.  There was a time not long ago when I woke up almost daily with the thought "what have we done?" Please do not misunderstand, we LOVE that we are close to our family, friends and church family again.  It was the driving decision in coming back to Kansas.  But the reality is, we all have our own busy lives.  Yes, we get to celebrate birthdays and holidays together and the occasional outing or drop in and that has been amazing.  But we really miss adventure.  If we could bring all of our family with us back to the mountains we would in a heart beat though not exactly feasible. 

We started brainstorming ideas about how we could get this missing piece back.  And... we came up with a pretty amazing plan that started small and quickly snowballed.  We can't wait to reveal what we have come up with and to share this next adventure with you!  All will be revealed officially on April 27th.  We have plans to release a special YouTube vloging Channel, Facebook Fan Page, and Instagram account in addition to this blog.  We are so excited to share our Journey with you and we hope you stick around.