Hello Skate Parks You Old Friend

When we lived in Colorado (if I may use that phrase... yes I know we say it a lot.  We can't help it) we used to go to skate parks often, especially when we lived in town.  You can type skate in our blog search bar and get several fun skatepark blog posts. Unfortunatly several years back we had some data loss so many of our pictures from a section of time are sadly gone now but I digress.

For Aaron's birthday this year (that was at a park in Olathe with a skate park) he got a new skateboard which reignited his desire to learn new tricks.  It turns out skateboards are very difficult to get the hang of.  Someday perhaps.  For now, he LOVES his Razor scooter still.  As does Ethan and now even Chloe has one! This little miss wants to be just like her older brothers for sure. She's learning to "Try, Try, again!"

We've been loving warmer weather and more opportunities to check out local parks.  There are a couple good ones in the area though they are a bit of a drive.  No worries though.  They don't even care. I seem to be missing several pictures that I know I took but I DO have this awesome video.  Take a look.  💓