The Secret Is Out!

Here goes... Our big news... We are selling all of our things (95%) and moving into a 37ft Travel Trailer while John takes Travel Nurse positions all over the country!!!!  Yes we know, it's crazy!  This has actually been in the works since mid December. I really thought these months would drag on and on but they have actually flown by.

So I know you want all the details but here's the deal.  We are Vlogging the entire process.  I will still be posting here on the Family Blog to of course document all of the awesomeness and write about things along the way.  I enjoy putting things on "paper" - I collect my thoughts best here.  But we also LOVE making videos and we want you all to come with us. Here's some super fast info to answer the billion questions probably running through your head.

  • Yes, we will be homeschooling (or rather Road Schooling)
  • We hit the road for fun in June and for real in July
  • Yes we really are selling almost EVERYTHING - the goal is only a closet worth left
  • John has a couple agents with travel companies looking for positions
  • He will start in July so offers won't start coming in for placement until mid May
  • Yes, we already purchased our new "home"
  • We have a YouTube Channel and content ready to go - new videos each Friday
  • We plan to travel at least a year - maybe more
  • We will be in one area for 8-13 weeks but will likely move around within those areas
  • We have a website with lots more ways to keep in touch
  • This blog will have posts at least once a week on Mondays but maybe more 
Check out our YouTube Channel Trailer. We would love for you to subscribe and please leave us comments or thumbs up if you enjoy watching! The first full "episode" will be next Friday and we have blooper reels and other fun things coming too.