I See You

I had a surreal moment the other day at Ethan's 1st grade performance.  As I watched my handsome little man look around the room from the top of the risers our eyes locked and he instantly beamed.  It wasn't an "I'm scared, I want my mommy" kind of look.  It was a "My mom showed up for ME" kind of look. An "I'm going to sing my little heart out because I know it will make her happy" kind of look. And every once in a while after I could tell he was getting more and more comfortable on stage he would find my eyes again.

At one point I could't help but tear up. Sitting just a few seats down the row was my own mom.  I remember those looks well.  The scanning for faces of my parents at singing performances, then orchestra concerts and tons of dance performances.  Graduations (high school and two colleges), my wedding, the birth of my children... even still I look to my parents.  Not for approval but because I love them and I want them to see ME.

On an even deeper note, I think this is part of what the Bible means by "made in His Image." Here we are standing on the stage of life scanning the crowd, waiting for our eyes to lock.  We are seeking truth and love and relationship.  And when we lock eyes with the One who created us and the One who died for us, may we sing loudly and joyfully.  Not because it's what we are supposed to do, but because we know it will bring joy to His heart.  And because He sees us.  The real us.

We've had two awesome Grade School performances this year and have gotten to celebrate both boys with a whole row of family in tow. That might be the highlight of the entire school year. Just look at this adorableness!