Why I Don't Want to Cut My Hair

Like Chloe, my hair was getting sooooo long! I wanted to get it shaped a little and cut off the dead ends but I couldn't bring myself to cut off the length.  The reason is probably not what you think. You see my almost 4 year old is in love with it.  She thinks I'm Rapunzel with the power to heal with my locks and some nights, I actually believe her.

Ever since she was an infant she has been using my hair as a soothing mechanism.  When she use to nurse, her little arm would stick straight up and search for some hair to hold - eyes closed all the while.  She doesn't pull it.  She just gently holds it in her hand like a child might hold a blankie.  (She has one of those too.)

When she's going to bed "Mommy, Can I hold your hair?"
When she's not feeling well, "Can I hold your hair?"
When we are snuggling and watching a show - she usually doesn't even ask.
When she is playing dress up "Can I fix your hair?"
When she has a boo boo - "can you just touch it with your hair?!"

And most recently when we were driving home from our Spring Break trip, she was extremely fussy and then somehow managed to reach my hair through the head rest of my seat!

I really don't mind.  It's kind of weird sometimes but I dread the day she grows out of it. And so, at least for now, I will not be cutting my hair.  Except to give it some shape.  It was due!