Is Baltimore Safe?

What a loaded question right?! Let me clarify. Is it safe to visit? The answer is...mostly. There is no doubt about it, Baltimore is not a safe city. In April of 2018 the city was named the deadliest city in the country with the highest murder rate. The ratio works out to at least one person murdered every single day of the year. In just this city.

But there is a lot of hype as well. Yes, there absolutely are areas to avoid where just driving through by mistake could cost you greatly. But there are also great tourist areas that actually are safe and wonderful to visit.  The trick is knowing which is which.

 I did a great deal of research before we moved our family up here for this season. Countless Google searches, map checking, fact checking, and digging equaled hours of time on the computer. In the end I went with my best source of information these days. Other moms! I joined a Facebook Group of moms around Baltimore. We were staying in the county of Baltimore so most of the moms did not actually live in the city but had visited often and were very familiar with it. I asked where I should never go, areas that may not be kid friendly or dog friendly, and for their suggestions on the best places to visit during our stay here.  I also asked them if they felt safe in Baltimore with their kiddos.  The general consensus was yes in the touristy areas. There were some scary stories of muggings and close friends who had been at the wrong place at the wrong time but also some great reminders and tips on how to stay aware of your surroundings.

I got several responses and have decided that other people out there may want the very same info. Below is a list of the best places to take your kids in and around Baltimore as well as an unsafe list. Please note, these are merely opinions of others, but I did find it very helpful. We hope you do to.

Highly Recommended: 

*Fells Point
Federal Hill
*Ft. McHenry
*Mt. Vernon
Weber's Farm
Irvine Nature Center
Oregon Ridge
*Baugher's Orchards and Farm
The Maryland State Fair 
*The Sunflower fields
National Aquarium 
*Maryland Zoo (Formally known as the Baltimore Zoo)
High Tops for dinner with the kids, ask to be seated in the play area section out back.
Port Discovery Children's Museum
Science Center
*Patapsco State Park with the Tire Park for the kids 
Lehrman Outdoor theater for FREE music concerts in the summer
*Inner Harbor

*Areas we have visited or plan to visit while in this area

Areas to Avoid:

Greenmount area
West Baltimore
Areas of South Baltimore
Edgar Allen Poe house alone or at night
Park Heights
Sandtown, near Hopkins hospital
Boarded up row homes and blue lights (the crime cameras on light poles)