Previous Years Adventure Posts

We love a good adventure!  We also believe in sharing these adventures with our kids - no matter their age! Instead of viewing having kids as a barrier to getting out and exploring, we have decided to include them and find ways to stay active - together. Here is a list of some of our posts from our past adventures! We wish we had them all but there is a chunk of time missing after the birth of miss Chloe Bean.  I can't understand why?!

Climbing Trips
Learning to Climb
Boys First Climbing Experience
Castlewood Canyon State Park
The Catslab - Golden Colorado
Devil's Head - Colorado 
Climbing with the Crigers

Hiking with Kids
Castlewood Canyon
Devil's Head
Winter Hiking
Skinner Mountain
Mountain Mamas Hiking Group
Pine Valley without Daddy
Lookout Mountain
Staunton State Park
Pine Valley Ranch
First Devil's Head Hike
Snow Shoe Trip Estes Park
Reynolds Open Space
Boulder Hike - No Kids*
Lair O' The Bear
Red Rocks Park
Green Mountain
Geo Caching
Ernie Miller Nature Park
Hilldale Lake
OP Arboretum
Kill Creek with Uncle Matt
Ethan's first Hike at Kill Creek

First Family Camping Trip
Devil's Head
Sand Dunes National Park *
Big Piney - sans kids
BLM Camping with Uncle Matt and Aunt Jacquelyn* 

Guenella Pass
Winter Park Area
Idaho Springs Area*
Sand Dunes National Park 

Big Piney
Indian Cave State Park

Biking around Gardner
First Family of 4 Bike Ride
Bike Across Kansas Days 1&2
BAK Days 3&4
BAK Days 5-7
BAK Crossing the Finish Line
Endo at Shawnee Mission Park
Kill Creek
Maiden Voyage with Aaron
Aaron's first Bike Ride on his own - Clear Creek*

Lake Trips 
Ozarks 2011
Tablerock Lake 2012
Clinton Lake
Father's Day at Tablerock

Snow Play
Sledding in Evergreen
Keystone Ski Trip
Snow Tubing

*Some images from several years ago sadly were corrupted and no longer appear.  If you come across an image error this is why.